Get the most out of your fishing reel
with Reel Power Handles



We offer a large selection of fishing reel parts for most popular reel models. To get the most out of your fishing reel consider upgrading your reel handle ( round or t bar ): Shimano Reel Handle, Penn Reel Handle, Daiwa Reel Handle, Abu Garcia Reel Handle, Fin-Nor Reel Handle, or just the reel knob available in both round and t bar and guaranteed to fit most conventional and spinning reels. We also carry tackle bags, lures, jigs, baits, hooks leaders, rigs, saltwater rods and more.

Why UPGRADE with our ROUND Power Handle?

reel power handles Provides additional cranking power (increased torque) thru the extended length of the handle blank.
reel power knobs Permits the application of additional force from the forearm as the wrist is "rolled" around the knob.
reel round handle No more inefficient "straight-arm" cranking.
reel t bar handle Only a ROUND power handle can produce maximum force.
round knob Increased Comfort - Strain and fatigue is reduced in the fingers and wrist.
t bar knob The choice of 2 knob sizes permits a better fit to your hand.
shimano reel Lighter in weight than the stock brass handles.
penn reel Hi-Tech, attractive in appearance.

These fantastic Power Handles are priced from an amazing $39.50

Jack Erskine's sensational LineDancer®
Priced at an affordable $20.00 (Set of 3)

LineDancer® enables any angler to increase lure action automatically. The "must have" tool for all skill levels! From the beginner looking for that first catch to the more experienced looking for a competitive edge; LineDancer® can make anyone a better fisherman instantly!

This remarkable accessory/tool enables any angler to increase lure vibration, or change existing action automatically. LineDancer® works great with Spinner Baits, in-line top waters, buzz baits, frogs, worms, all types of spoons, stick Baits, all types of jigs, all types of crank baits and live bait too!

The heart of every good reel is the fact that the balls (be kind) are clean Jack Erskine's amazing new product will keep all your ball bearings sparkling Jack's remarkable Bearing Blasters are only POA

This unique device is amazingly simple yet so effective. The 2 piece construction enables you to put your balls in the cradle, clamp the cradle and inject your cleaning solutions and lubes right through the ball bearing construction removing all the grit and salt that can accumulate. Your balls will be cleaned to perfection and will be a sparkling delight for all to see. Clean balls contribute to better performance and help you catch a winner!



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