Now available from Jack Erskine's Precision Reel Engineering, Smooth Drag Bearings replace standard steel bearings with Ceramic or 440C Stainless steel.



In the US many distance casters were providing excellent reports on a new type of bearing, which had been discovered by reel tuning fanatics who had replaced their standard steel bearings with Ceramic ones, to test if they made any difference to their casting.

Yes it did !

Not only did the Ceramic Bearings run far smoother and quieter than their steel relatives, but they also appeared to improve casting performance. However the new Ceramic Bearings were far from easy to obtain for most people, were stuffed full of the most awful grease which was very difficult to remove, and there was no way of knowing which bearings were which, and could be very easily be mixed up! However Jack Erskine is now proud to be able to provide Ceramic Bearings for every distance caster, world wide.

Manufactured to our precise specifications they carry the International ABEC 5 rating, are manufactured DRY, and are stamped on the outside of the cages CB.

Any higher ABEC rating is in our opinion counter productive as too tight a tolerance doesn't permit our lubricants to function properly

Simply replace the existing Steel Bearings with Smooth Drag Bearings and treat them in exactly the same manner as the old Steel Bearings. The only difference is the sound, speed and overall performance achieved when casting using Smooth Drag Bearings.

Now that we've grabbed your attention, give us a call to determine which reels can be re-engineered to these higher than normal specifications.


The World's Finest Ceramic Orange Seal Ball Bearings by BOCA l Bearings

Jack's Super Price on Boca Bearings
1 x set of 2  Spool Shaft Bearings by Boca's Orange Seal Design
These are the World's Finest Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings
Priced at Only $39.95.per Set       
(Kits available for all other popular Bait Casting Reels)

ORANGE SEAL CERAMIC BALL BEARINGS.are a replacement upgrade for all fishing reels. These bearings are available in ABEC #5 & ABEC/ #7. They have ceramic balls with stainless steel races and retainers. Orange Seal Bearings have a non-contact, rubber seal which allows the bearing to spin freely without any excess drag. Ceramics will never corrode. They have less rolling resistance and are lighter than steel so as a result ceramic bearings last longer and cast longer.

Orange Seal Ceramic Ball Bearings are the true secret for serious fishermen and distance casting.

Orange Seal Bearings bring cutting edge ceramic technology to the fishing industry with increased casting distance, longer life and overall better performance.

The reduced friction allows some reels to free-spool for up to 120 seconds. All bearings are supplied DRY so you can use the OIL of your choice.

We recommend the use of the rocket fuels (See separate listing) or for the ultimate in casting we advise the use of the famous " OUST" Metallic Oil.

Oust Oil - Excellent for casting further than you ever had before. Oust is a proprietary lubricant manufactured from straight chain carbon molecules with at least 6 carbon atoms being used as boundary layer lubricant.

Under high temperatures created by frictional drag these molecules form a metallic soap which becomes a tenacious lubricant film of increased viscosity to reduce wear in the boundary region.





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