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Now available from Precision Reel Engineering, Rocketfuel can improve the casting performance of virtually every type of multiplier reel there is. With four products now in the range, each variety of Rocketfuel has been developed with the aim of improving the casting performance of EVERY multiplier reel.

Rocketfuel can also be applied when servicing fixed-spool and fly reels, in fact the versatility of Rocketfuel means that it can be used to lubricate almost any product which has moving metallic parts; some of the biggest converts to Rocketfuel have been skateboarders looking for the perfect lubricant to apply to the bearings in their equipment!

We proudly stock 4 different varities of TG's Developments RocketFuel Lubricants, each specifically suited to different needs.

Yellow Label - The Original
Price: $15.00

Yellow Label was the first in the TG Developments range which was discovered and developed for use initially with the centrifugally braked ABU Ambassadeur 6500CT and other models in the 5000, 6000 & 7000 ranges by Tony Gittins in 1987. Similarly sized reels from other manufactures such as those from Daiwa, Dam, Shimano, Penn etc., also saw dramatic improvements in their performance when using Rocketfuel. Subsequent technical developments, such as magnetically controlled braking systems, and our own ceramic Rocketbearings have created a need for a greater variety of products, which allow the individual user to maximise their potential with liquid control. All of our products are generically the same, the only difference being their viscosity.

Red Label
Price: $15.00

Following on from the great success of the Original Yellow Label, Jack Erskine and TG Developments identified a need for a lubricant with a higher viscosity, which was needed to control the new generation of magnetically controlled Multipliers as the spool on this style of reels was still over-running with Yellow Label. The result of which was Red Label, a lubricant which maintained all of the winning attributes of it's thinner cousin but was of a higher viscosity in order to still be able to enjoy liquid control. Red Label also performs the same miracles as the Original, when applied to larger sized centrigugally braked reels such as the ABU 8000/9000.
Tournament Formula
Price: $15.00

Tournament Formula was created to satisfy the demand from Tournament Casters who wished to run their magnetically controlled reels as quickly as possible.

Once again the thinner lube needed to maintain all of the magical properties of the original.
Liquid Grease
Price: $15.00

The same formulation, but ultra-high viscosity just like our other products, for use on fixed-spool/big-game reels, and for the gears on smaller sized reels.

Designed to supersede ordinary grease the stuff that comes like toothpaste!

This product is also brilliant for casters just starting out using Multipliers. A great confidence builder, totally removing any fear of the dreaded birds-nest!





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