Today's modern fishing reels such as Abu, Daiwa and Shimano are the best in the world. Thanks to Jack Erskine they are simply superb!

These reels, like most others, are manufactured using world class components and do provide many years of trouble free fishing. Thanks to Jack Erskine you can now give these high quality reels a new lease on life as Jack uses the latest technologies to make your reel function more smoothly. Thanks to Jack's clever re-engineering the fish will want to jump into the boat so that you'll enjoy your fishing trips more than ever before.

Jack Personally carries out all this highly specialized work and prides himself with keeping abreast of the rapidly changing technology in reel design from all major manufacturers. Helping the various manufactures in this development for many years and being totally familiar with it assures that Jack fully understand all the intricate parts of your Favorite Game fishing reels, from top to bottom and front to back and how to "Tweak" the Maximum performance from your reel.

Why not have your Reel serviced, rebuilt and/or maintained by the technician that has provided this service to the worlds leading anglers and charter boat captains for over 30 years.

Jack's specialized services include:

Specialized servicing and pre-servicing
Blueprinting and Drag Modifications
Upgrades and Calibrating for specific IGFA Line class's
2-Speed conversions
Left Hand Conversions
Free-Spooling Sleeves


Jack's Exclusive SHIMANO BEAST MASTER REEL Drag Conversion

We offer Australia's only Beastmaster Drag System Reconditioning Clutch Plate Service. The finest quality Silicone Rubber Composite material is used in the reconstruction of your Drag & Clutch Assembly. This material is bonded to the carrier and machine ground to accurate specifications. The new Silicone Pad should be threated with a very light smear of Cal's Reel & drag Grease before installation.

All Sizes (inc. Material & Labor) $75.00

Jack Erskine keeps you up to date with all the latest technologies

Attention all LEFTIES!!!!

All Shimano TLD Series Reels inc 5--10--15--20 & 25 Models as well as Charter Specials.Can now be Professional Converted to LEFT-HAND WIND!!!!!!

A unique method of Machining & Modifying applications has allowed Jack to come up with a concept that actually strengthens the gearing system beyond that of makers specifications.

Also available is the options of fitting our Famous Carbontex Drag Friction Washers for the absolute" best in the business---."Braking System"

You can now personalize your very own Shimano TLD.
Reel to fish what ever I.G.F.A. line class you may wish

The adoption of our Vari-Cams Units allows us to be able to blueprint & calibrate from 1kg.to 6kg on the smaller reels up to 15kg on the larger 20--25 models.

If casting is of major consideration you can't do any better than to fit your reel with our Boca Orange Seal Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings,

A vast selection of new opportunities now await the TLD owner..

N.B. Left Hand Conversions Kits are available for most Popular Reel Brands-- Please Inquire!!!!!






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