Jack Erskine's Precision Reel Engineering would like you to examine what others are saying rather than just simply taking his word for it

Capt Laurie Wright. Internationally Acclaimed Charter Boat Captain

Capt Laurie Wright has fished all over the Globe & has been Captain on some of the Finest Sportfishing Vessels afloat in his long career, Laurie now resides in Cairns Qld. Aust, & is the President of the Cairns Professional Game fishing Association.

"As a charter captain in the world's leading heavy tackle fishery, I have to be sure that my tackle is the best it can be, and will continue to function right throughout a tough season, where large black marlin and weather conditions test it to the limit. Jack Erskine has been upgrading my reels and rods for the past twenty one years, and as new materials and technology becomes available Jack immediately advises that it would be worth trying. My reels have never let me down, and with twenty one years of continuous use, I only have Jack to thank. Jack's skill at tackle engineering is legendary, but it is his willingness to share his knowledge to the up and coming anglers, captains and crew that also has the respect of the game fishing fraternity world wide."

Rod Harrison - Australian Fishing Journalist and Master Angler

When you check Jack's website you'll discover a self made non-trumpeting pioneer who, truth be known, is the greatest all round angler - bass to billfish - that Australia has produced, visit www.jackerskine.com. Jack Has expanded on his profound knowledge of the mechanics of fishing tackle, with the recent establishment of Jack Erskine Prevision Reel Works in Cairns.'

Goron Enocson, Head Engineer Abu-Garcia Prodcutions AB Sweden

'Finally I got the oppurtunity to meet you after having heard your name mentioned so many, many times as an expert in fishing tackle. I enjoyed my visit to Cairns very much and I thank you once again for the time you spent with us all as well as for the fishing trip.

I hope we can keep close contact in the future and am anxious to make use of your knowledge and experience in our future product development. The knowledge you have in especially new drag systems is the best I have ever met'

Jack Neilsen, President Accurate Fishing Products + Big Game Fishing Journal

Gentlemen, I have just finished reading the article by Jack Erskine, entitled "Understanding Level Drags".

Excellent - Excellent - Excellent. This is absolutely the best, most concise, and informative material I have read on drag systems.'

Cal Sheets: Cal's 2 Speed Reel Conversion

'Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cal Sheets of Calgo Manufacturing, Inc. in Pasadena, California. AT the present time, I am the company's Vice President and General Manager. I am also the Design and Operation Manager of Cal's 2-Speed Reel Conversions Division, which has had the pleasure of providing Bass Pro Shops the Offshore Angler Penn International 2-Speed reel conversions. I have been in production manufacturing and engineering for 35 years and a graduate of University of Southern California Engineering School.

In the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with my good buddy & college, Jack Erskine on many projects in Custom Reel Design & Drag Systems. His practical experience & indepth knowledge about fishing tackle & design are held in the Highest Regard by myself & the Fishing Industry. His detailed understanding of Mechanics & Modifications to existing products as well as his vast knowledge in fishing Methods have been extremely helpful to me.

Jack is so articulate, energetic and is such a forthright person to deal with. My pleasure is knowing him and working with him has been immeasurable."

Bill Shedd, President of AFTCO Fishing Tackle U.S.A

'I have known Jack Erskine from Cairns, Australia for approx. 18 years. Jack is a unique individual who I would say is the world's leading expert on the design and use of big game fishing rods and reels. His work as a rod designer is known the world over and I had heard of Jack's reputation from Australia even before I met him. He has quite an engineering mind and understands the mechanics of the inter-workings of big game fishing reels like no other man in the world. I know for a fact that when many of the world's leading reel manufactures design a new reel, they seek input from Jack. I myself have benefited from Jack's input on the development and problem solving of AFTCO roller guides and other AFTCO products.'

Herbert O. Henze, President of Penn Fishing Tackle U.S.A.

'For many years, Jack has used his special knowledge of big game fishing conditions to develop and refine equipment for this sport. he has helped Penn Reels test and develop solutions to engineering problems. As a graduate engineer, I realize that textbook knowledge must be combined with actual field experience to achieve the optimum performance of a product or system.

I recommend Jack Erskine as an experienced & very skillfull fishing tackle authority & we look forward to his valued advise & input in the future."

Capt Peter B. Wright. Sportfishing Journalist & World Recognised International Charter Boat Captain.

Peter is the holder of the record for capturing more 1000lb black marlin than any other individual captain and he makes this comment 'There is no fishery on earth that puts tackle to its limits like Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Whether you prefer to be casting popping plugs,dropping jigs, or trolling, monster sized fish in dozens of species attack with speed, power and unbridled fury. Rods and reels that can take the heat here will perform flawlessly for years on less demanding fishing grounds.

For decades Jack Erskine has helped the top professional guides of Cairns, Australia keep their gear in order. When something does fail, Erskine's service is second to none. He will "borrow" a needed part from a new reel on the shelf- or from one of the reels in his own extensive collection.

If necessary he will even manufacture a replacement part from raw metal using the lathes, drill presses and other sophisticated tools in his well equipped shop. Jack is a constant innovator, trying new exotic drag materials, reshaping cams and consulting with the world's best know manufacturers.

He has been a legend in the fishing world for a long time and it has been my pleasure to have him as a friend while fishing for for everything from barramundi to black marlin.'

Mark Williams, Technical Editor, Australia's Fishing World Magazine

'The name Jack Erskine is synonymous with the world's finest high performance fishing tackle. While Jack's achievements in research & development with many of the world's leading fishing tackle companies are well known his efforts with rod & reel in hand are equally as impressive. Being a multiple world record holder skilled with plug, spin & fly tackle places Jack among the world's elite all-round anglers and gives him a unique perspective on the tackle requirements of today's anglers.

wning a fishing reel that has been customised by Jack Erskine is the piscatorial equivalent of owning a Ferrari or Stradivarius.'



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